Think Tank

Wittenberg Institute is a Theological Think Tank

Wittenberg Institute also functions as a theological think tank, which exists to undertake research and provide commentary on both past and emerging theological issues. The aim is to review, assess and shape opinions on issues of faith.

World-renowned theologians function as fellows and instructors of Wittenberg Institute. These scholars form the base of our Think Tank contributors. Wittenberg Institute undertakes research across a wide range of subjects. We analyze theological issues across a broad spectrum in order to offer interesting new angles and alternative perspectives on issues that are central to the understanding of theology and church practice. Wittenberg Institute undertakes this work through:

  1. A research and publishing program
    • Providing time for Lutheran scholars to reflect and write is a priority
    • Regular publications for congregations in the form of books, magazines and journals
  2. Annual gatherings, seminars and lectures
  3. Outreach to university, college and high school students
  4. Regular online and e-mail bulletins and other related activities