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by Aaron Pederson on 17 September 2010

Paul Koch, a Lutheran pastor from Minnesota has developed some unique songs to help his confirmation students memorize Luther’s Small Catechism.

I wanted to help my confirmation students memorize the Small Catechism, and so I began humming and rapping tunes each week for the various pieces.  The words are straight out of the “orange” edition of the Catechism that’s been available for years from Augsburg Fortress. I’ve offered these songs to my students so they can download them onto their iPods and listen to them over and over again.  I’ve found that they’ve been doing better on their memory quizzes since having the songs.


Lord’s Prayer

Lord’s Prayer Intro

01 Lord’s Prayer

02 Lord’s Prayer

03 Lord’s Prayer

04 Lord’s Prayer

05 Lord’s Prayer

Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments Intro

01 Ten Commandments First

02 Ten Commandments Second and Third

03 Ten Commandments Fourth

05 Ten Commandments Sixth

Paul has also written a song in memory of Gerhard Forde, text and audio below.

“Ballad for Gerhard” by Paul Koch

Ballad for Gerhard

I’m dead but I don’t know it
Self-deluded I don’t show it
Pool is empty but I keep trying to dive
Don’t need motivation
That old train just left the station
I’m dead I need a word that makes alive

Final judgment come and gone
Still Johnny-One-Note sings his song
Singing we’re just about to hit our stride
But the verdict has come in
Your free will lost, it didn’t win
The Son was hung, congratulations for your pride

The Lord came down, they had him fettered
Still you think that you’d do better
Than his own chosen people done
They had the law, they had the prophets
You’ve just been grafted so get off it
Cock-a-doodle you’ve rejected the Son

In a valley full of bones
The Reverend Warren stood alone
Trying to teach purpose to the dead
Ezekiel come and prophesied
The bones all danced when the Spirit sighed
Poor ol’ Rick grabbed his books, turned and fled

Faith believes what it don’t see
And learns to trust the One in Three
Even though it sounds like so much holy jive
But he’s returning from the skies
Then I’ll see with my own eyes
I’m dead in me, but in him so much alive

Thanks Paul!

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Deb Petersen August 20, 2013 at 6:00 pm

Are there raps or songs for the other five commandments? They really help my son.

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