Academics at Wittenberg

Graduate Program & Seminary: Similarities and Differences
Wittenberg Institute is a name that locates its theological and historical identity in the Lutheran Reformation of the 16th Century. We live in a time where names often do not accurately reflect the things that they describe. Wittenberg Institute is both Lutheran and rooted in the biblical, confessional and educational ethos of the Reformation.

Primary Text Based Philosophy
In addition to our Educational Philosophy, our intent for the good of the student has to do with our ethos and love for the pursuit of truth. The use of primary texts gives students direct access to the arguments and history that form what our ancestors have believed, taught and confessed throughout the ages.

Congregation Centered
Wittenberg Institute is focused on educating students who understand and engender an urgency to preach the gospel, wherever they go. Wittenberg Institute is designed with congregations in mind.