Consortium Congregations

Wittenberg Institute is congregation-focused and we have developed a financial plan that is largely supported by individual congregations. We have done this for the following reasons. First, congregations need faithful places to send students for theological education and receive back candidates ready for call. Second, congregations will benefit from lectures, position papers and video/audio productions. Wittenberg Institute faculty and staff are available to congregations within the consortium. Pastors of consortium congregations are welcome to attend classes and discussions at the campus for no extra charge.

Use of Congregational Support Funds

We are working towards enrolling congregations in the consortium that financially support the ongoing work with students and that make use of the resources available. Financial gifts from consortium congregations are used to support students, develop curriculum, pay staff and visiting professors, develop educational videos and resources for use in local congregations.

Congregational Support Intention

The purpose of Wittenberg Institute is to develop pastors and thinkers who are rich in their love for preaching and teaching the gospel. The gospel is best taught in a grace-filled environment that promotes freedom of thought, open communication and camaraderie between student and professor. Consortium congregations will support all students of the Institute. Congregations within the consortium should be developed with the idea that their support will fund the ongoing education and ministry of the institute.

Consortium Membership Benefits

The Augsburg Confession locates the gospel proclamation at the local congregation. The Wittenberg Institute is dedicated to the congregation. Consortium congregations will have access to materials and information produced from lectures, position papers, video and audio archives. Consortium congregation members will attend special guest lectures and gatherings at no cost. Pastors will be welcome to attend classes and discussions at the campus at no cost if their congregations are members of the consortium. Consortium congregation members will have open access to Wittenberg Institute and its reference library. Congregations may make use of the faculty and fellows of Wittenberg Institute.  Periodically, when member congregations discern a contemporary, urgent question faced by the church, Wittenberg Institute will conduct research, host symposia on the topic, and provide consultation to member congregations. These benefits are offered because congregations are at the heart of Wittenberg Institute.
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