Ethos at Wittenberg Institute

Wittenberg Institute has a unique ethos — a term that refers to the overall atmosphere of a community. The ethos of the institute is one of camaraderie and conversation. The goal is to create an “iron sharpening iron” opportunity for students and faculty. Faculty will determine subject matter and guide conversation. Students will not be asked merely to read and regurgitate. At Wittenberg Institute they will be asked to read and formulate. Students will be guided to take the ideas they have learned and convert them into thoughts they can preach, teach and defend. This happens most effectively through dialog that occurs in a small body of students dedicated to furthering their knowledge of the Word and the theology contained therein.

Being exposed to others who share a passion for God’s Word and the preaching and teaching of the Gospel, the “iron” will be sharpened. For this to occur it will be necessary to provide opportunities not just for study, but also for true friendship. We believe that theology is not only worked out in classrooms or in individual studies. Theology is developed during late nights around a table, around backyard fires with friends and while casting a fly into the river. At the Wittenberg Institute, the classroom will not be a bordered space meant to keep students in. Such “confinement” can lead students to believe that classrooms are important in themselves, not what is learned within. How do you teach students the urgency of the gospel?  You teach them to hone their skills with one another not only in the classroom, but also among the people.