Wittenberg Institute is: (1) a Theological Graduate School; (2) A Consortium for Congregations; and (3) a Lutheran Think Tank. The Wittenberg Institute is located in the heart of the Northwest just 20 miles North of Seattle. We are a Washington State 501(c)(3).

Wittenberg Institute does not serve any particular church or synodical body, as it is an independent Lutheran Graduate School of Theology and Pan-Lutheran in nature. Rather, Wittenberg Institute is continually developing relationships with several national church and synodical bodies in order to prepare students for pastoral certification in those particular church bodies. Currently, Wittenberg Institute has in place or is actively seeking an agreement to matriculate students for candidacy to both the LCMC (Lutheran Congregations in Missions for Christ) and NALC (North American Lutheran Church). Prospective students are encouraged to contact these institutions to ensure that a degree from Wittenberg Institute will qualify them for candidacy to pastoral ministry. For more information, please follow the links below.

Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ

North American Lutheran Church

We serve pastors and congregations of other church bodies as well. Congregations from both the ELCA and LCMS have identified Wittenberg Institute as a place for continuing education and furthering academic degrees.

Our Logo

100 years before Martin Luther “rediscovered” the gospel, John Huss was burned for heresy as he proclaimed that salvation comes by God’s grace alone. Just before he died he spoke the words that surround our logo, “You can burn this goose, but there will come a Swan that will sing more sweetly than I”. Huss in German is translated as goose, and Luther has been viewed as the Swan who came after John Huss to free the gospel from the bonds of a church that had lost sight of Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria

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