Wittenberg Institute: Graduate School of Theology

Wittenberg Institute Offers:
  • World-Class visiting faculty
  • British Research and Tutorial Degree style of Education
  • Independent Lutheran Think Tank
  • Accountable to a consortium of Lutheran Congregations
  • Continuing education opportunities for pastors and lay

Wittenberg Institute is a graduate school that educates biblically minded confessional Lutheran thinkers and pastors for the church. The essential work of Wittenberg Institute is carried out through its degree programs, publications, convocations and seminars. All educational degree programs are designed for advanced academic research and are self-motivational in nature. Currently Wittenberg Institute is offering both Master of Divinity and Master of Theology (research and taught) degrees.

This is achieved through a collegial ethos, connecting world-class visiting scholars called Faculty Fellows with students. The camaraderie and mentoring provided to students goes beyond the traditional classroom setting, creating lasting relationships and instilling a lifelong pursuit of learning.

Wittenberg Institute publications similarly reflect the commitment to academic research, principally through the theological magazine Believe Teach and Confess, a collection of research oriented essays written by the Faculty Fellows of the Wittenberg Institute, and Wittenberg Survey, an annual collection of essays by the students of Wittenberg Institute.
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